John Grant – Love Is Magic Lyrics

Love Is Magic by John Grant

Have you got depression?
Passive aggression?
Did they stop loving you
And you’re the only one who doesn’t know?
You forgot your medication
And Sade is playing on the radio

They say you were always enough
It’s too ridiculous to call their bluff
And you’re staring at a dresser drawer
which is devoid of clean underwear
You’re tryin’ to work out on your calculator
If you can swing that trip to anywhere but here

Love is Magic
Whether you Like it or Not
It isn’t so tragic
It’s just a lie that you bought
When the door opens up for you
Don’t resist, just walk on through
There is nothing left to lose

Do you think you can take the pain
Is it destroying the inside of your brain
And you’ve come so very far to hear
That you’re nowhere near half-way there
There’s no milk in the refrigerator
And you’ll be hearing all about it when you
Get home tonight

And this thing called intimacy
Is it what you always thought it would be
Do you feel like you’ve experienced
What the word is supposed to mean?
Do you feel like you are in control?
Did you find out that there’s really
No such thing?

“Love Is Magic” serves as the Second track from John Grant album “Love Is Magic”, which was released on July 10, 2018.

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