Lord Gasp – Recoil Lyrics

Recoil Lyrics – Lord Gasp

You thought that I was gone
But I’m back in the flesh
There’s sometthing in the corridor that follows all your steps
B1tch I pull up at your door
Gimme skin, gimme cash
Gimme drugs, gimme love
Gimme this, gimme that
I’m bout to wolf the fucking planet down
Let’s gobble every town
And everyone around it, lemme swallow all these fucking clowns
I’m out of bounds
And b1tch I’m bout to bounce
Out the timeline quick
I’m bout to

Uh wow
Fresh new pose
Bout to tap into new power sources
Y’aint safe close
Nerves exposed
Mana run thru every finger
See the ten lights glowing

Shake the whole game, get fucked by your creditor
Wait your whole face might pop, check your juggular
Giggle all day, thang bright, specular
Thank god, see I thank myself, no genitor

Always p1ssy
Finna smoke the whole pack
You can’t k1ll me
I’ma always come back
Mind is splitting
Sorry it’s just the way we are
She said don’t be sorry shit
shit goes kinda hard

Break em like it’s bread
If I see red
You know shit goes down
Snap em like a thread, you go to bed
Lil bro get racked out
Blunt out
Like we rolling heads
If you want smoke now

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