Marian Hill – pretend (2003) Lyrics

pretend (2003) Lyrics – Marian Hill

Come over
Would you read to me tonight?
I know I’m too old, but I don’t mind
Please don’t turn out the light

Tuck me in
And whisper secrets to me
Don’t leave until I am fast asleep
You don’t have to leave

Baby, I don’t care what you say to me
Can we just pretend it’s 2003?
And we’re home from school and nothing’s changed
And we’ve both got leads in the eighth-grade play
Come over

Pick me up
And I won’t care where we go
Play me music that I don’t know
Until my heart overflows

Traffic lights
Blinking around the bend
In the darkness with my best friend
Please don’t let this end

Listen, I don’t care what is happening
Can we just pretend it’s 2013?
And we’re up too late writing every night
And our biggest dream is to have this life

Come over
Come over