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Montaigne – gravity Lyrics

gravity song and lyrics by Montaigne & David Byrne

Would you live in a house with me?
Plant your feet on solid ground with me?
No more reaching for the stars
Just the trees in the yard

I would give almost anything
Like my teeth or some oxygen
To be looking at you
At sunset, cooking food

It’s hard to be religious
It’s easy to devote myself to you
To you

I could live in a shack for two
A little house with a yard would do
All that striving to succeed…
Here is everything I need

I could learn how to sing this song
How to cook – is the taste too strong?
As the starlight fades away
Look at this – it’s okay!

It’s hard to be religious
It’s easy to devote myself
To you
To you

The stars are indifferent
The sky always changes
Celestial bodies
All make themselves strangers
Adventure is lovely
But I’m much too tired now

As I sleep I imagine
A book with no pages
A story unfolding
On improvised stages
Much singing and dancing, but
Can we go home now?

I have travelled around the world
I have seen how the cosmos swirled
It is big but here we are
Just as beautiful as stars

Would you live in a house
With a garden
Would you work on your play
In the study
Would you plant
Some rocket
For our salads
Would you worship
Gravity with me