Nicole Dollanganger – Moonlite Lyrics

Moonlite Lyrics – Nicole Dollanganger

“Got you mounted on a wall
In the back of my mind” he said
“I just can’t forget, try as I might
I’ve got this photo I’ve tried to burn but it don’t light
I stay on the drink and you stay on my mind”

“As you were when you were laying just like a two page spread
From a magazine in a negligee on the bed
By the window in moonlit flesh
So gaunt your skin looked blue and wet
You were my girl, my thing, my pet
To do anything I wanted with”

“I wanna hold you in my hands
Like a porcelain decanter
Take off the lid and fill you up with liquor
Smash you against the wall and let you fall
To pieces in my hands” He said

“I love you so much I can’t stand you and
I got you mounted on a wall in the back of my mind
And this piece of your soul caught in a 35mm slide
I see right through you like lace lingerie when I hold it to the light
And my girl, I pray you can feel my eyes
Going right through you”

And he drunker he got, the truer he spoke
He said, “I pray to God you know
I keep a piece of you locked in my heart
With memories I can bend into any shape I want
And I put you over the bed, or I break you in half instead
Sometimes you’re my girl and sometimes, bitch, you’re dead”

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