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OMB Jay Dee – FTO Lyrics

FTO Lyrics – OMB Jay Dee

The fuck is crackin’?
Are you dumb
(Ayo Eli, what the fuck )
Suck my dick
C Blu

Uh oh, time to get silly
GDK, give a fuck ’bout a Blick’
Pass me the poppa, no biggy
Who poppa? That’s jiggy
They just talk but they never git wit’ me
Bro got a switch so don’t bring out ya’ dilly
How they on hots? They both got shot
Throw fact, free TG Crippy
Yo C Blu, what’s crackin’?
Hurt my heart, left him in a past tense’
They be dying, all the guys laughin’
We still alive while all the opps crashin’
True, I’m throwin’ bullets, no madden
When I’m on war timing, grey flaggin’
Sha who? Niggas a faggot
He like dick in his face for a habit
Yus Gz, niggas a joke
Lil’ Dummy, you dirty and broke
Go wash, water and soap
Boom what? Keep a stick out ya’ throat
Ayo Say, where the loccs?
I’on got it then he gettin’ poked?
Run up then block, leave him soaked
Now word to Poppa G, I’m tryna slope
They don’t want me to get on that timing
Nigga, fuck OY-OG
Smokin’ on-, I ain’t going OD
Fuck that, nah, niggas know me
Smokin’ on Yellow, that nigga deceased
Sha EK gon’ die in his sleep
Keep it wit’ me, don’t lack in the street
On Boomer, I’m dying to meet

Are you dumb?
(They know what the fuck goin’ on
Ayo Jaydee, what’s fuckin’ crackin’?)
(Look, grrah) Grrah
C Blu