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Playboi Carti – In My Car Lyrics

In My Car by Playboi Carti Feat. Lil Yachty Released : 2017 In my car, yah, yah Sipping on that Wock Popping all these bars Cooling with the stars Coupe came with the star Uh, Kurt Cobain shit, go out with a bang shit, uh Still on gang shit Same niggas I left with, yah Leave you left quick, yah […]

Young Thug

Young Thug – Clientele Lyrics

Clientele by Young Thug Feat. Migos Released : 2017 Full Lyrics will be available soon. check back later or you can send us the lyrics using form below. ○ Listen to “Young Thug” Songs ● “Best Friend ” [ Quotable ] If you ever find her, better keep her 37 cameras for the sneakers Goin’ out like Ox or Beanie […]

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Future – PIE Lyrics

PIE by Future Feat. Chris Brown Released : 2017 Pie pie Pie pie Pie pie Make her sorry, you should know The Linda chick you’ll never be alone Make her sorry, you should know Your so so full, you let the side go I turn the side piece to a 9 piece She out lying it shouldn’t even matter, she […]

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Wolfgang Gartner – Find A Way Lyrics

Find A Way by Wolfgang Gartner Feat. Snow Tha Product Released : 2017 (Rock and roll) You got me out here doubting-doubting I’ve been drippin’ Tryna find a way Find a way You got me out here doubting-doubting I’ve been drippin’ Tryna find a way Find a way I’ve been looking for the time (Rock and roll) Got-got you got […]

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Jon Sine – Fall Lyrics

Why did you waste our only sign was it ever word my mind did I ever cross a line no you won’t needed save So i, i can’t do feel the love did you ever giving up was it all just broken trust what can i even say I will listen to another time is it you I try to […]

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RKCB – Vice Lyrics

Hour glass shaped, something like a silhouette. Wonders towards me, and takes it’s hold. Where do I stray, and why do I forget? Did you take me home? tell me who you are where’d you come from where’d you come from tell me what I want to hear feeling more than high on the run from the one I love […]

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Viceroy – Improvise Lyrics

(feat. Tom Aspaul) you don’t wanna​ wake up in the night feeling like your running of the time you say I’m not living my life but desire oh oh but your not ready and baby there is got to be a way if you listening to everything I’m saying so give me something I can love again oh oh you […]

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Number Them – Embrace Lyrics

My assumptions have left me with nowhere to go, I’ve been neglected like a ghost. A worn down face from a past that I can’t save, So take my body to the great unknown. We are lost, we are alone. This disease, rotting my bones. We were lost between the heart and home. Beware those that love to be hated. […]

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The Uniøn – No Good For You Lyrics

(Feat. Lovespeake) I’m freaking out Think I’m seeing visions And in this condition I don’t feel too good Without a doubt I know watch you’ve been thinking This ship is sinking Like you thought it would And now I’m imprison me when We’re stopping this show I’m making me no miatake I’m loosing my mind I’m ready to fold I […]


Jerome – I’ve Been Up Lyrics

Ah yeah yeah shout out to logic, man Let’s get it Yeah, how I do it, no they simply can’t fathom Like your girl picture, give that bitch an orgasm Fella getting worried, I’m about to take your Madame Late to the party, but I’m in the latest fashion Shit that I’m doing in the shit you just imagine Used […]

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Calvin Harris – Hard To Love Lyrics

Hard To Love by Calvin Harris Album : Funk Wav Bounces Vol. Released : 2017 [Jessie Reyez] I don’t like to talk, but I love to sing And I don’t smoke, but I love to drink I’m paranoid, I don’t miss a thing But I’m still nice, at least that’s what I think Fall in love, like I’m a freak […]

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Calvin Harris – Faking It Lyrics

Faking It by Calvin Harris Album : Funk Wav Bounces Vol. Released : 2017 [Verse 1: Kehlani] Pray to God, but I’m feeling like he’s going deaf Now when I lean on you and I got nothing left Hey, I’ve been wanting to call you Tell you that I’m sorry Same old fucking story, everybody sings [Pre-Chorus: Kehlani] And I […]

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Calvin Harris – Skrt On Me Lyrics

Skrt On Me by Calvin Harris Album : Funk Wav Bounces Vol. Released : 2017 Young Money Said, baby, no, no, no, no, no You know my loving ain’t free, babe Won’t make you do what you don’t wanna do What you don’t wanna do, no that ain’t me, babe Said, baby, nah nah nah, I ain’t with the drama […]

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Calvin Harris – Holiday Lyrics

Holiday by Calvin Harris Album : Funk Wav Bounces Vol. Released : 2017 [Snoop Dogg] Look, open your eyes, déjà vu In ways I knew my focus remains on you I’m so true, I love that, ’cause who woulda knew? LBC, me do, what it do Question: is your bath water ready for ya? ‘Cause I could be the man […]

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Calvin Harris – Prayers Up Lyrics

Prayers Up by Calvin Harris Album : Funk Wav Bounces Vol. Released : 2017 Take a molly like a million (five point) My lil’ girl like, “What you doin’?” (flash one) I’m just tryna even tho my eyes (ride) Sip and sip ’til I feel like a God (ride) You’re my cup overflowin’ (good, good) Fucked up and you know […]