Pale Male – Mother Lyrics

Mother by Pale Male

Come back home, come back home
Come back home, This I know
Was the wrong thing to do, let you go
So come back home, no one needs to be alone
So come on, for the love, come back home

It’s what you do when I don’t look
That makes you who you are
So let me see…
Cause I feel like I’ve been blind
I was a slave to my mind
So let me see…

You can run and you can hide
But you know when we collide
We’re talking blood, we’re talkin mad
But we can leave it all behind
So let me see…
Let me see

But if you feel it, then just say it
That you can’t stand being alone
And if you miss it, I will give it
The helping hand you need to grow

« Free means free » you said
But I know your heart it bled
So let me see…
I’m not even asking to touch
But I wanna hear so much
So let me see…
Let me see

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