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Conan Gray - Footnote Lyrics

Conan Gray – Footnote Lyrics

Footnote Lyrics – Conan Gray Lyrics You said at the party That I was too drunk I told you I liked you You said sober up But why would I lie? It’s so clear I’m in love With you. A tense conversation You like someone else I say “If I waited, could that maybe help?” […]

Kali Uchis - ​que te pedí Lyrics

Kali Uchis – ​que te pedí// Lyrics

​que te pedí// Lyrics – Kali Uchis Qué te pedí Que no fuera leal comprensión Que supieras que no hay en la vida otro amor Como mi amor Qué no te di Que pudiera en tus manos poner Y aunque quise robarme la luz para ti No pudo ser No pudo ser

Rubayne - A Little Lyrics

Rubayne – A Little Lyrics

A Little Lyrics – Rubayne What u know u popped into my head Right now What u know, I felt you doing that a lot I wish that you’d pick up on your phone, I call I hope that you’re good No matter where you are I hope that your fine, and that you’re not […]

Liv Dawson - Trust Issues Lyrics

Liv Dawson – Trust Issues Lyrics

Trust Issues Lyrics – Liv Dawson Right on time We fell right into each other Couldn’t pull myself away And I know love is blind So reputation didn’t matter It doesn’t matter, does it, babe? But I’ve always got this feeling in the back of my mind That you’ll find someone else and then you’ll […]

Scott Helman - Lois Lyrics

Scott Helman – Lois Lyrics

Lois Lyrics – Scott Helman I’ve never been the guy who saves the world Who makes the play and gets the girl But tonight, I think I might You’re making me feel invincible Emotional and physical So tonight, I think I might I’ve never been the one who’s good with words Who breaks it down […]

Hope Tala - Drugstore Lyrics

Hope Tala – Drugstore Lyrics

Drugstore Lyrics – Hope Tala Parked your car by the drugstore and I keep asking all these questions But you don’t wanna hear it anymore ‘Cause you should have been learned your lesson by now And so should I I still get shy around you, write lullabies in my room For you to listen to, […]

John K - i.l.y.m Lyrics

John K – i.l.y.m Lyrics

i.l.y.m Lyrics – John K Lyrics to «i.l.y.m» I miss you already And you’re not even gone I wanna call you We just hung up the phone I wrote you a letter And I threw it away No matter how small I write it There’s always so much more to say I’m not sayin’ it’s […]

Paris Jackson - scorpio rising Lyrics

Paris Jackson – scorpio rising Lyrics

scorpio rising Lyrics – Paris Jackson Lyrics to «scorpio rising» Day breaks and I miss your face Once again Long are the nights spent alone Askin’ when You brought me down, down, down And darling I can’t, see the sun no more You’re my lost cause You’re my last thought You’re my stained gauze You […]

Ralph - Hard Candy Christmas Lyrics

Ralph – Hard Candy Christmas Lyrics

Hard Candy Christmas Lyrics – Ralph Cover of “Hard Candy Christmas” by Dolly Parton Lyrics to «Hard Candy Christmas» Hey, maybe I’ll dye my hair Maybe I’ll move somewhere Maybe I’ll get a car Maybe I’ll drive so far They’ll all lose track Me, I’ll bounce right back Maybe I’ll sleep real late Maybe I’ll […]

Steps - Hold My Heart Lyrics

Steps – Hold My Heart Lyrics

Hold My Heart Lyrics – Steps Lyrics to “Hold My Heart” We went through heaven to hell We know it all too well We couldn’t figure us out And that’s what we’re all about What we don’t understand To breathe we need a hand ‘Cause every single time you hold my heart I give up, […]