Ramirez – Murdered Out Vehicles Lyrics

Murdered Out Vehicles Lyrics – Ramirez

Jumpin’ out the murda ’64, this the motherfuckin’ reaper
Here to claim your life, it’s the soulless crypt keeper
Come follow me in darkness, I will wash away your sins
Leave you hangin’ from the gallows, witness Judgement Day begin
Hollow tips right to your cranium, I’m bustin’ out your dome
Shove my barrel down your mouth, have a taste of my lil’ chrome
Empty out the fuckin’ clip, I’m always grippin’ on my tone
Bitch, lie down, straight to your knees, in front of me, you must atone
Stand alone amongst the thunder when the rain [?]
Starin’ at the bitch, come test your fate, and bitch, you will lose your soul
These substitutes will take your life and have you breathin’ no more
Your lifeless corpse all grey and stiff, now you just swing from the rope (Woah)

I’m out the bucket, big ruckus, I’ll scalp you with no discussion
The savage hang out the window, I’ll jack it backwards and thump it
Gorilla runnin’ and gunnin’, these bullets will come down dumpin’
The red dot scopin’ out my victim, body bags will be stuffin’ (Ayy)
Fuck the law, it’s an easy job to kill and rob
Where is your God? Hit you in your chest, leave you to rot
Watch who you cross, demons comin’ out to hunt your thoughts
Bodies will drop for fuckin’ with the serpent spawn
Puppet master pullin’ strings behind the curtain
Comin’ through my pit and it’s your destiny, fulfill your purpose
Stand amongst the flames rise from the smoke, I’m in for burnin’ churches
Fall at my feet and bow your head, ’cause I’m the one you worship