Romeo Santos – Intro Lyrics

Intro Lyrics – Romeo Santos

Romeo, it’s Katt Williams
King to king, I know family comes first
But after first, comes second
And second, it’s time to let these **** know who the fuckin’ king of this shit is
And it’s about that time
Babies, get ready
Fórmula, Volume 3

Hey, what’s good, papi?
Dios te bendiga
What are you up to right now?
Right here in the studio
Working on the tracklist
Yo, what’s up with you? Talk to me
Yo, I wanted to let you know, pa, I just heard to album
It’s fire
Well, you know I gotta drop that heat

Hola, dada
Hola, bebé, tu te está’ portando bien?
Ajá, ¿tu ere’ el rey de la batata, dada?
Si, mi bebé
Y te amo mucho
Yo también te amo