Ruben – Burn Down This Room Lyrics

Burn Down This Room By Ruben

You think I like to play the victim
Say that it’s clear in how I speak
Like it’s some kind of competition
Who hurts the most of you and me

What if for once you try to listen
You know it’s really not that deep
Or carry on with the partition
But drown your dignity in sea

So leave me here abandoned and stranded
As if that’s gonna do
Yeah leave me empty handed in band-aids
The best that you can do

Just set it all on fire and burn down this room
And strip my being to the wire and I’ll learn to carry it through
But in any kind of way I’ll make it clear for you
I’m not leaving quiet babe, so burn down this room

Which one of us can scream the loudest
So many careless things to say
And every word we will devour
It’s like there is no better way

There must be something in the water
And now it’s running in our veins
Because it keeps on getting harder
Since you’re not ever gonna change

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