I can’t focus on these bitches I can’t fuck with all these h0es
All on my sack they just some rats and they frantically wanna blow
Got the ash all on my fit I just be wearing all the smoke
Innards are black I turned to plaque the saliva’s a darker tone
I been stomping on you fuckers the numbers ain’t doin nothin
But foggin up all ya vision you barely got a pot to p1ss in
Can’t stand with the way y’all listen to everything and pretending
Like you got all the fucking answers no plan and you barely living bitch

Runnin that train with 44
Sick wit that fucking scope tho
Been on my sh1t boy the grey never miss you know who got that flow so
Fuckin impeccable h0e
Sally went fuckin dolo
Think I done seen a mole I know the
Number the avogadro
Digits on my mental since grey was a fuckin jit tho
Had that gap all in my dental the target’ll make the missile
Comin’ up it ain’t accidental y’all piddle y’all fucking paddle
You baby so here ya rattle you sheep or you fucking cattle boy?
I ain’t no picasso, just spitting sh1t with my eyes low
Send me to fucking nether I sever the fucking light tho
Why y’all wanna cry tho, complain and then fucking lie h0e
Way they be fucking acting it’s making me homicidal

All these motherfuckers really be talking a lot
They preaching about
How the fuck we living but they under a rock
I suffer in silence
Y’all just be wining
Go and post up on yo story think that we give a fuck? I don’t
Wanna spend another god dvmn day up on this god dvmn plane I’m finna c0ck then bang on em
Grey so god dvmn jaded whole world turned vein so imma turn it grey on em

Big l on your forehead. Luigi
Consolidate, consolidate I’m sick of pushing a squeegee
Pull the hammer back I let off that sh1t like king dedede
Imma let yo balloon pop cus that sh1t faker than richard heene’s it’s too easy
Got depleting serotonin deceit is slowly eroding me
The steel re-loaded
If I was at the wheel it’d total me
I hope relief is comin but a muhfucka can dream huh
If life was really a movie I’da skipped past most them scenes, huh tongue so deeply silver it’s a muhfuckin fork
Im still that same old jit jus minus them newports on the porch
I don’t talk to nofucking fed I’m still averted to pork
Fed, I’m still averted to pork
Ain’t no motherfucker ready for when brd come uncorked
You in the splatter zone give em a poncho
Im in deep, I tickle her tonsil
They always attackin a windmill so I’m sharp with the wit, like sancho
Y’all cats, y’all pvss, los gatos
Her back arch logo mcdonald’s
Y’all words ain’t worth no sh1t
Think you should get some legal counsel
You entitled, try for more I
‘m the tiles in the morgue
Sticky tape, ekg blank
So all my vitals looking bored
Body crushed under the pressure
Like the mush inside a s’more
If you ain’t intimidated by us
You been misinformed
Word salad with the thousand island added on the side
Lotta dollar signs
D3vil tell you “Find the dotted line”
Used to drink that cheap moscato now we sippin proper wine
Gritting teeth and grinning through chagrin to hit that shot in time
Don’t wanna spend another goddamn second in this goddvmn depression
All them thoughts incessantly
Spin, I’m goddamn fed up
I keep turnin my head
Nobody watch my neck but me

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