Saliva Grey – Gimme a Second Lyrics

Gimme a Second Lyrics – Saliva Grey

Gimme a second to get me a breath and a pic of this moment to show
I’m an omen of death and I’m blessing the one and the eight and the seven
Til nobody left see that Grey the inventor of madness a bitch in the back of my whip
And it’s crashing inside of my cabin I planning attacking a pack of some crack
And I’m playing I go for the bottle instead of my nostril my genie the devil
He keeping me level I wishing for better he got me a shovel to bury me under
And I don’t give fuck about dying at all

I can’t live sober
Got in over my head
No one can tell me
I’m not misnomered
Not looked over
So underrated
So slept on that
I woke up with a god damn pillow for a head
Smoking all day take a pill and then I bed
Riding with Zed got Water to my left
Odiato boutta whip us off a god damn bridge I’m gone

Bust yo motherfuckin head
With a motherfuckin sledge
Imma eat yo fucking soul
With the fork up in my hand

I got big hoes no simp though you
Follow the trail of my weed smoke
And my pistol make 6 holes
Too sick though my mental
Don’t like me don’t like you
Solo til I bloom
I no sober roll over
Froze over my tomb and I
Ascend to the sky
Soaking up rain til the world is on fire
Fuck all this rapping I’m boutta retire
All of y’all copy shit like an imposter
And I’m on my lava shit world an apocalypse
So I be cocky and flaming humanity
I don’t want nobody visit my grave or my tomb and rot and I soak into death uh

Kill it the villain the murder I feel it
And I am the ceiling I’m high I’m acidic
I pull up with the motherfucker zed
I pull up and a motherfucker dead
I don’t really want no fame no cash no sane
Imma get it and get it and imma go Cobain
Imma zip it and zip it cause I done upped my weight
I got everything I want and imma cut my vein yeah uh

I don’t like talking that shit
Walking that bitch like a bark on my wrist
One eighty seven that murderous shit and
I know you ain’t heard of us yet we impeccable
Next to nobody we puffin the chemicals
Scraping residual loving the fear I form
I am the final formation of drooling depression I turned into grey uh

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