ScarLip – Glizzy Gobbler Lyrics

Glizzy Gobbler Lyrics by ScarLip

You see how I’m eating this Glizzy munch and I chew until I got it in me
I’m spinning they think I’m a dizzy forget throwing 10 yo I’m Tryna throw 50
Cooling with me tell me like what is you doing with me is you tryna up it and boom it with me
If I take a L are you losing with me and no we ain’t running we right here and no we not crying we fight tears something is wrong in the head I ain’t right theyre calling me Freddy I’ll leave em with nightmares
Hold up hold that if we talking murder I wrote that u make me nervous I reach where the pole at all of the opps in da spliff we gon smoke that cooling with me tell me like wat is you doing with me
Is you trying to up it & boom it with me if I take a L are you losing with me New York did it New York with it why don’t you stay out of New York business New York winning New York spinning I can be there in a New York minute
She’s a Glizzy gobbler x4

Gang said I’m trying to spin on the oppas just like some kettles you know I’m a popem not with the fighting
I’m upping the poly bet I can spin him like ring around the Rosie I’m not a killer but I got it in me Brody got packed up because he moving silly
If you bout what you rap put a stain on it if I’m dissing then I’ll put a name on it one lick 2 lick bro grab them I’ll grab him said send the location you know
I’m a pop-up hanging with ricans and we do the cha-cha devil told me that I cannot prosper he lied a Kuna Matata spray it x4
Come to my block and we go and get the sprain told him I love him but I was just playing

Dont run, dont run
Dont run, dont run

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