Sean Rowe – Promise of You Lyrics

Promise of You by Sean Rowe
Album : New Lore
Released : 2017
Genre : Alternative Rock
Label : Anti/Epitaph

Though I preach to the choir
I’m so lonely, lonely, lonely
Though I walk on the wire
I’m just holy, holy, holy
Hangin’ on to the promise of you

Though I run through the fire
I get colder, colder, colder
I’m not green, I’m not retired
I’m just older, older, older
And I’m just the fray around the promise of you

So many times I thought of hangin’ it up
So many shots but they were never enough
And so many nights I thought of hangin’ it up

Every note that I write
I get closer, closer, closer
To the end of the night
Then I’m over, over, over
And I lay my head on the promise of you

● Sean Rowe – New Lore (Album 2017)
01. Gas Station Rose
02. The Salmon
03. Promise of You
04. I’ll Follow Your Trail
05. The Vine
06. Newton’s Cradle
07. I Can’t Make A Living From Holding You
08. It’s Not Hard To Say Goodbye Sometimes
09. You Keep Coming Alive
10. The Very First Snow
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● “To Leave Something Behind”

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[Quotable Lyrics]
This whole world is a foreign land
We swallow the moon but we don’t know our own hand
We’re running with the case but we ain’t got the gold
Yet we’re trying to leave something behind

● “Madman”

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[ Quotable ]
When the road takes me to the other side of the world
Let a walnut tree replace me, give my body back to the birds

● “Hold On, Hold On”

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[ Quotable ]
I leave the party at 3 A.M
Alone, thank God
With a valium from the bride
It’s the devil I love
It’s the devil I love
And that’s funny as real love

● “Ode to Divorce”

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[ Quotable ]
I need your money
It’ll help me, I need your car and I need your love
So won’t you help a brother out?
Won’t you help a brother out?
Won’t you help a brother out out out out out?

● “Shine My Diamond Ring”

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[ Quotable ]
Take my weighted hand
to my desert land,
wash my sorrow.

● “Soldier’s Song”

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[ Quotable ]
Today I shot my enemy
Baby gives the little one a hug for me
Both my buddy’s legs got blown off
Baby tends to the little one’s cough

● “My Little Man”

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[ Quotable ]
Old Mr. Crow
Tell me what you know
When to steal and when to dive
One day my little man
Won’t fit in my hands
Take the slack that I’ve left behind

● “Colors and the Kids”

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[ Quotable ]
I wanna go ride away
On a January night
I built a shack with an old friend
He was someone I could learn from
Someone I could become

● “Spiritual Leather”

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[ Quotable ]
Oh the road is long and wider than forever
I hope we’re that strong spiritual leather
Time, she was never such a friend
She never cried for me
Time, she was never such a friend
She never waits for me

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