So Supa – Nope (TikTok Mix) Lyrics

Nope (TikTok Mix) Lyrics – So Supa

Like Nope
Nope (15x)
Let’s go

When I address it I become the bad guy
But as a man ain’t got shit to be sad bout
How you gone be mad about something I’m mad bout
I tell you wassup and that’s something else u brag bout
Ion trip when she step in the club with her ass out
Don’t trip when I step in the club with a bag
Fill up my cup don’t play I’ll crash out
Couple sips of that drank don’t play I’ll spazz out
Imma real nigga she don’t know what to do with me
I’ll trick for bitch spendin money ain’t shit but don’t be out playin like you out here usin me
But you gotta earn that it ain’t no foolin me
Cause I’ll take a bitch to McDonald’s yep probably take bitch out to get Wendy’s or some
My pockets filled with them hunnids I got yo big dawg asking to use a lil some
It’s good to have confidence don’t be cocky
Chain on my neck this bitch hittin like rocky
Fell off from the radar can’t be spotted
Hop out with this AR lets get shit rockin yea

Oh that bitch wanna
She gotta truckload
Way too loud

Nope (15x)
Let’s go
on gang

You say you him okay cool
I don’t give a fuck show me what you can do
Say you brought you a chopstick I brought 2 nigga
So don’t be surprised when we slide thru nigga
I be whoopin ass nigga I belt him
Don’t talk shit bout em if you ain’t gone help em
You talkin shit but ain’t doin no better
That’s where I met em that’s where I left em
22 shots out ya clip shoulda kept em
you ain’t hit shit boy you need to aim better
I cooked up a plan tell me why imma settle comparin to me is like gold to metal
Yeen help me when I was down I ain’t helpin niggas for shit you already know the answer

Like Nope
Nope (15x)
On gang

why would I help these niggas ? (Why)
They ain’t help me out with shit (on gang)
You could be gettin to some money (cash)
But you wanna cuddle a bitch (dummy)
Aye how y’all niggas be layin up broke that shit make me sick asf (on gang)
I step with my blicky tucked (on gang)
Fuck niggas they switchin up (he switchin)
Ian got it don’t hit me up (don’t hit me)
My pockets be thick asf (on gang)
Nope and I still can’t help you Nigga fuck is you talkin bout

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