Spinabenz – Can’t Hide Lyrics

Can’t Hide Lyrics – Spinabenz

Bitch stop all that cappin’ like you thirsty
Knowing you ain’t merk shit
Round here claiming bodies and you know that ain’t your worth bitch
We deliver caskets to pastors in the churches
We stop shootin’ with that Glock 19
Every shot is jerk shit
Know how I gun a nigga down
Shooting off the hip
This stupid Glock is too big to conceal
I fuck all y’all shooters
And everybody kill shit
Bitch it ain’t enough niggas dead
That’s just real shit

Listen up
You almost out of time
Bitch we kill
And we don’t die

Dead man, dead man
If you play with us

You got bands on ya head
I just got them out the bank nigga
Shawty knock ya brains out
Now he know what you think
Ooo shit
He was rich
Now he’s just a dead stain nigga
Brrr brrr
That’s for them gang members

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