Stevie T – Knipslot Lyrics

Knipslot Lyrics – Stevie T

A painful devil nestled somewhere in time
A hateful skin – no warnings, no signs
I had to see, was a disease watching me
Was all this swell, or just some kind of hell?
Master of guilt, I’m pulling your stitch
Twisting your fate and smashing your bone
The blood we bleed and the truth we heard
These broken wings are wearing thin

Crawling along my skin
This is the end my friend

This time
I’ll be the only one to save you from me
This time
I’ll be the only one to stop the disease
Don’t wanna be heinous like me

I am the one you denied
and the one who fills up with anger
Stitch me up to look just like I used to be
A martyr torn apart and bleeding
Screaming shatter silence
You try to choose your direction
He who calls my name
I got enough of the same old s***

Inhuman, mutilated
Vile obsession breeds
Blasphemous parasite
Toxic carnage breathe
Half man, half actuaries
inhuman sacrifice
Infernal hearts still beating
and your world starts to crumble

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