String Factory – St. Stephen’s (DJ Rozwell remix) Lyrics

St. Stephen’s (DJ Rozwell remix) Lyrics – String Factory

Well, it’s a sunny morning out in St. Stephen’s
And the streets are full of boys and girls
And a tenth anniversary tequila and steak
For the people who blew up the world
And I’ve been walking round the city with nothing to do
So breakfast with beer, I don’t mind
How much money should I take out the cash machine
Just to buy myself time?

The skyscrapers hang over me
As they’re sending politicians to my TV
And it feels like they’re looking at me

Now, it’s a hot afternoon in St. Stephen’s
And I’ve started to lose my mind
Don’t let me еnd up where I started from
Going back to the daily grind
The evening rain comes and the drains are backing up
And the streets are full of little white bags
Tomorrow I’ve decided to step through a rotten plank on the harbour by accident
What a drag

And I hope I never get in a wreck
Because someone’s always gonna take it out of my cheque
And I hope I don’t get in a wreck

Well, it’s a long night of fun in St. Stephen’s
And the busker plays the same old song
How many times can I bluff through conversations
So that no-one ever thinks I was wrong?
And I’m glad that I’m drinking in the bars around here
‘Cause in the North they serve a beer with a head
But still, after three drinks I fell down by the sink
And a woman came to me, and she said:

“I won’t let you go home tonight
Because someone’s gonna knock you right off your bike
I said you’re not going home tonight…”

Now, It’s a long morning out in St. Stephen’s
And I promise not to do it again
So, when she’s awake, I’ll say I made a mistake
Staying out when I lost track of my friends
It’s a short train home from the high street
And I’ve almost got my feet on the ground
The evening is coming and I’ve got some ideas
And the circle goes around and around