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Tag: Album: ​in case you miss me (2021)

John K - don’t Lyrics

John K – don’t Lyrics

don’t Lyrics – John K How the silence gets louder than the TV? Something changed the second it got easy Hate the quiet and, rather fight you then Feel nothing […]

John K - fomo Lyrics

John K – fomo Lyrics

fomo Lyrics – John K All the cute little things you do I know they don’t mean a thing to you Some things, some things that I only see Funny […]

John K - ​already done Lyrics

John K – ​already done Lyrics

​already done Lyrics – John K You came into focus I drowned in your ocean And I didn’t notice, baby, how deep Like paint to a picture Or words to […]

John K - everything Lyrics

John K – everything Lyrics

everything Lyrics – John K You’re so Beautiful when you’re laughing Butterflies on your face Talking until the morning Still got so much to say Thought I knew everything about […]