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Tag: Album: Aethernet (2021)

Fax Gang - RealityDreams Lyrics

Fax Gang – Reality/Dreams Lyrics

Reality/Dreams Lyrics – Fax Gang I’ll stick this foreign object in my thigh And pretend I’m not scared And pretend I’m not hyperventilating And I’ll stick this foreign object in […]

Fax Gang - Itsumo Lyrics

Fax Gang – Itsumo Lyrics

Itsumo Lyrics – Fax Gang Don’t try to say that Don’t try to say that Far and away, make memories fade out Don’t try to say that Don’t try to […]

Fax Gang - Mirror Lyrics

Fax Gang – Mirror Lyrics

Mirror Lyrics – Fax Gang Staring right into the eyes that are in front of me Nothing left to do but break up the monotony Voices in my head, convening […]

Fax Gang - Fallen Lyrics

Fax Gang – Fallen Lyrics

Fallen Lyrics – Fax Gang Staring deep into the mirror, never see my smile I’m not this and I’m not that, I know I’m in denial Stepping forward two steps […]

Fax Gang - Extant Lyrics

Fax Gang – Extant Lyrics

Extant Lyrics – Fax Gang (feat. AOL) Feeling lighter than a feather Chain me to the bedpost I’ve been tethered I’ve been tryna center Balancing the drink, not getting redder […]

Fax Gang - Shotgun Lyrics

Fax Gang – Shotgun Lyrics

Shotgun Lyrics – Fax Gang Got a shotgun in the back Riding shotgun in the glove I got a gat Taking off the gloves so god above let me adapt […]