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Tag: Album: Batbxy (2021)

TheHxliday - Batgirl Lyrics

TheHxliday – Batgirl Lyrics

Batgirl Lyrics – TheHxliday (Flex Lennon) (Ayy yo’ Ikon, you went crazy on this one) She the Batgirl to my Bruce Wayne Honestly no badder bitch Before I met you […]

TheHxliday - LxneChild Lyrics

TheHxliday – LxneChild Lyrics

LxneChild Lyrics – TheHxliday Wave Woah, woah, woah Woah, woah, woah What Up Z I’ve been on my cash shit, I’ve been in my bag, bitch I’ve been in the […]

TheHxliday - Bad Lyrics

TheHxliday – Bad Lyrics

Bad Lyrics – TheHxliday Ooh Oh, oh, oh Ooh Oh, oh, oh B-A-D (B-A-D) Love is bad (Love is bad) Love is bad (Love is bad, yeah) L-U-V (L-U-V) Had […]

TheHxliday - Thank U Lyrics

TheHxliday – Thank U Lyrics

TheHxliday – Thank U Lyrics (Thank you drugs, yeah) (Whoop whoop whoop) (Thank you drugs, yeah) (What up Z) I been feeling way too lone Cause I been feeling way […]