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Tag: Album: Golden Hour (2020)

Kygo - Hurting Lyrics

Kygo – Hurting Lyrics

Hurting By Kygo I’m trying but I’m finding it hard to speak It’s like your eyes have been designed just to cut through me When you heal me I still […]

Kygo - Only Us Lyrics

Kygo – Only Us Lyrics

Only Us By Kygo Stolen tears in the fastback Telling lies till the lungs black Silhouette, will you ride out With me? With me And we’re so close Come so […]

Kygo – The Truth Lyrics

Kygo – The Truth Lyrics

The Truth By Kygo I’m having thoughts again Hey, are we more than friends? Been tryin’ to say those words for days ‘Cause I’ve been noticin’ That when I look […]

Kygo - Lose Somebody Lyrics

Kygo – Lose Somebody Lyrics

Lose Somebody By Kygo It’s a classic “me” mistake Someone gives me love And I throw it all away Tell me have I gone insane? Talkin’ to myself but I […]

Kygo – Could You Love Me Lyrics

Could You Love Me By Kygo I’m sorry for all the stupid things I’m saying right now I don’t know, I guess I just need to love myself A little […]

Kygo – Freedom Lyrics

Freedom By Kygo I was living a lie, living a lie This is my confession I was living a lie before we met There were so many nights, so many […]