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Tag: Album: Ice Cups And Shootouts (2020)

Smoove'L - Get Bands Lyrics

Smoove’L – Get Bands Lyrics

Get Bands Lyrics – Smoove’L Luca on da track Yeah Only one thing I know get bands Ion know about them but I know that I’ma get bands I don’t […]

Smoove'L - Choices Lyrics

Smoove’L – Choices Lyrics

Choices Lyrics – Smoove’L Luca on the track Yeah yeah yeah yeah I’m from the trenches we make choices I’m mixing Henny with my with my feelings hearing voices Can’t […]

Smoove'L - Long Nights Lyrics

Smoove’L – Long Nights Lyrics

Long Nights Lyrics – Smoove’L A hunnid bands, that’s why I got rubber bands Sixty in the Louis bag, you won’t understand She want a man, but she used to […]

Smoove'L - Like Me Lyrics

Smoove’L – Like Me Lyrics

Like Me Lyrics – Smoove’L DJ Chose I’m the goat, nobody can tell me shit Yeah yeah yeah Palm Angels on my body but I’m dangerous I get bout 10 […]

Smoove'L - Get Married Lyrics

Smoove’L – Get Married Lyrics

Get Married Lyrics – Smoove’L Oh, oh Oh-oh, oh, oh-oh (K.I.D) Test through my trials and tribulations Yeah, yeah, yeah Slidin’ on the basics, through my trials and tribulations My […]