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Tag: Album: King Of Da South (2020)

King Roscoe - Icy Lyrics

King Roscoe – Icy Lyrics

Icy Lyrics – King Roscoe Tory on the beat Yeah, slatt, slatt, gang Uh, uh, uh, cause’ I’m icy, make her wify Cause’ I’m icy, I’mma make her wify Bitch, […]

King Roscoe - In My Zone Lyrics

King Roscoe – In My Zone Lyrics

In My Zone Lyrics – King Roscoe Yeah, I’m in my zone, in my zone Shorty wanna fuck, yeah she goin’ prone All these niggas broke, these niggas broke Pull […]

King Roscoe - Make Me Cm Lyrics

King Roscoe – Make Me C*m Lyrics

Make Me C*m Lyrics – King Roscoe Nigga, did I just catch you having fun? Hahaha Ahh! Mwa! Roscoe, the greatest It’s the queen and king of the south On […]