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LoveLeo - BOYFREN Lyrics

LoveLeo – BOYFREN Lyrics

BOYFREN By LoveLeo You know I’m grade A Ya boyfriend wanna B me You go outta your way To make sure you don’t C me You should break up with […]

LoveLeo - AHHHHHHH Lyrics

LoveLeo – AHHHHHHH Lyrics

AHHHHHHH By LoveLeo Ah, I’m so sad (fuck) But I rarely show it (fuck you) And I’m so mad (fuck me) But you’ll never know it (fuck you and me) […]

LoveLeo - HEAD OVER HEELS Lyrics

LoveLeo – HEAD OVER HEELS Lyrics

HEAD OVER HEELS By LoveLeo One spray smell nice Rolex, fake ice (On the wrist) New me in the mirror He gon’ tell the truth, maybe Clean shave, clean face […]

LoveLeo - BABYFREEZE Lyrics

LoveLeo – BABYFREEZE Lyrics

BABYFREEZE By LoveLeo Here we go Where we’re goin’ no one knows But here we go So hold on Here we go ya Play it cool ya Baby freeze ya […]

LoveLeo - ROCK BOTTOM Lyrics

LoveLeo – ROCK BOTTOM Lyrics

ROCK BOTTOM By LoveLeo Butt naked In the club In the club Rock bottom Rock bottom Bottom rock Bottom rock Lost a bet Now I’m butt naked in the club […]

LoveLeo – LEMONS Lyrics

LEMONS By LoveLeo Life just gives me lemons And I don’t like lemonade Sticky situation Look at this mess I’ve made Ridin round I’m low on gas Don’t know how […]

LoveLeo – ROSIE Lyrics

ROSIE By LoveLeo Someone play this for dad ASAP Danger in your eyes (Danger) I’m not scared Kissin’ with that guy I don’t care Ring around the Rosie You barely […]