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Tag: Album: O (2020)

Orianthi - Rescue Me Lyrics

Orianthi – Rescue Me Lyrics

Rescue Me Lyrics – Orianthi He took my heart away Left me on the floor Kicked me to the curb And slammed the door Oh oh oh oh Left me […]

Orianthi - Blow Lyrics

Orianthi – Blow Lyrics

Blow Lyrics – Orianthi I don’t wanna tie you down I just wanna tie you up You know that I love the sound When you say you can’t get enough […]

Orianthi - Sorry Lyrics

Orianthi – Sorry Lyrics

Sorry Lyrics – Orianthi So completely out of your mind Take your crazy to extremes every time Chemicals running through your veins Your delusional In every way Were so bad […]

Orianthi - Impulsive Lyrics

Orianthi – Impulsive Lyrics

Impulsive Lyrics – Orianthi Kiss me till we both turn to dust Forget the aftermath of desired lust Hold me, won’t you hold me for the night I feel so […]