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Tag: Album: Virgo World (2020)

Lil Tecca - Dolly Lyrics

Lil Tecca – Dolly Lyrics

Dolly By Lil Tecca Shawty, yeah, oh, woah {Woah} Stepped in the party, yeah, that bitch off a molly {Yeah} Come here, big stick going crazy I like cute colored […]

Lil Tecca - Insecurities Lyrics

Lil Tecca – Insecurities Lyrics

Insecurities By Lil Tecca Every insecurity, they do not mean shit to me Because it is you I adore And baby girl, I hope you come in history, can’t let […]

Lil Tecca - Tic Toc Lyrics

Lil Tecca – Tic Toc Lyrics

Tic Toc By Lil Tecca Yeah, Tecca Oh, oh, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh Oh-oh-oh, oh, oh Yeah (Menoh) Look at the watch, tick-tock I can’t waste no time no more Time is […]

Lil Tecca - Miss Me Lyrics

Lil Tecca – Miss Me Lyrics

Miss Me By Lil Tecca Ah-ah, ah-ah Yeah, yeah, yeah Ah-ah, ah-ah I been ridin’ ’round with a hundred in my backseat I know I’m that guy, I’ma tell you […]