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Tag: EP: A Few Brief Moments (2020)

Yoste - Boredom Lyrics

Yoste – Boredom Lyrics

Boredom By Yoste Start at the beginning I lost my head The room is still spinning Around my bed I see the sun’s coming up Just let me sit for […]

Yoste - Fade Lyrics

Yoste – Fade Lyrics

Fade By Yoste Swallow all the noise into your mind now Walk into the ocean just to calm down I felt so forsaken, felt like I was faded could’ve drowned […]

Yoste - We'll Be Alright Lyrics

Yoste – We’ll Be Alright Lyrics

We’ll Be Alright By Yoste We stay out late, because we are afraid I know your game, because we are the same You know my mind, I know you’re right […]

Yoste - How It Was Lyrics

Yoste – How It Was Lyrics

How It Was By Yoste Sometimes I get caught up in my head But you were very kind, very kind My, my, you were close enough to touch And that […]

Yoste – You Can’t Fix Me Lyrics

You Can’t Fix Me By Yoste Saw the lights in your bedroom, I know No surprise that you fell through, you lied though Caught your eye and ignored you, nothing […]