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Tag: EP: over emotional (2020)

Kayden - your sofa Lyrics

Kayden – your sofa Lyrics

your sofa Lyrics – Kayden Might sound kinda lazy but, two drinks and I’m hazy I said no, but you made me Oh well, can you really blame me? Don’t […]

Kayden - 2020 Lyrics

Kayden – 20/20 Lyrics

20/20 Lyrics – Kayden I remember when I saw you, my heart was moving so fast There’s a million things that I can say, but none of them would bring […]

Kayden - sad song Lyrics

Kayden – sad song Lyrics

sad song Lyrics – Kayden I thought you’d be here Holding my hand through the storm and the rain But you made it clear You only fight for your personal […]

Kayden - philosophy Lyrics

Kayden – philosophy Lyrics

philosophy Lyrics – Kayden Maybe I’m wrong, maybe you’re right Nobody cares and everyone cries Is it so wrong to dream of a life Where everyone’s there and nobody dies […]