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Tag: Hip-Hop/Rap

Eminem – Tragic Endings Lyrics

Tragic Endings by Eminem Released : 2017 [Skylar Grey] I’m stumbling, I can’t see straight And it’s my fault I got this way I got my hands on something great […]

Eminem – Bad Husband Lyrics

Bad Husband by Eminem Released : 2017 We never saw from each other’s sides, or eye to eye Just eye for eye, lie for lie, fight or flight So much […]

Eminem – Revival (Interlude) Lyrics

Revival (Interlude) by Eminem Released : 2017 [Alice and the Glass Lake] I’ve drowned in high from the ashes, now I can’t recall your laughter The smoke of everything go […]

Eminem – Remind Me Lyrics

Remind Me by Eminem Released : 2017 [Eminem] Yo! I bust in, devilish grin, disgustin’ Asshole, freckled cheeks and a butt chin Calling all party animals, get On the floor […]

Eminem – Chloraseptic Lyrics

Chloraseptic by Eminem Released : 2017 [Eminem:] Instinctive nature, to bring the anguish (yeah) to the English language With this ink, you haters get wrote on like a piece of […]

Eminem – River Lyrics

River by Eminem Feat. Ed Sheeran Released : 2017 [Ed Sheeran] I’ve been a liar, been a thief Been a lover, been a cheat All my sins need holy water […]