That Kid – Thelma & Louis Lyrics

Thelma & Louis Lyrics – That Kid

That Kid but the body like a grown woman
Thin waist fat ass like a couch cushion
Ever seen a gay boy with a fat bosom?
Silly bitch walking round like your man wouldn’t?
Put my city on like the fucking bible!
Hit a lick with my bitch Carli Bybel
One look and he bust like a rifle
Imma send a head in a box to the rivals!

Spitting on you bitches and I didn’t take the booster
Fat back door like a PT Cruiser
I would never trick with a Android user
Boy you a loser, boy you a poofer
Tryna finger me with chipped nail polish, ew
Never that, I’m a TS ingénue
Face like Ivanka, Big Ang in the boobs
If you wanna eat the pussy, then you gotta eat the crew

Bitch you couldn’t even hit my prostate
Now I gotta vote yes on Prop 8
Imma make it shake like a hot date
Bitch wanted beef but she got ate!

Shots to the head like J.F.K
2 bodyguards and a new pet gay
Chilling with the bad bitches and the them/theys
Hit a skunk bitch with my new SK!

You and me doing things while we’re naked!
Saw me at HEAV3N and you bitches couldn’t take it
I could suck dick with a mask on
And I keep it clenched like a tampon
Xbox shape in the body
Sloppy ass bitch looking stocky
Shiny ass wig with a beat so chalky
How could a cis bitch look so clocky?

Pop up on your window like porn in the 90s
Even with MapQuest bitches couldn’t find me
Take a perc then I’ll wash it down with Hi-C
Call me Mrs. Vaughn with the way I’m wifey!

That’s right bitch I don’t need a glass
One vodka sprite sucked through the ass
You got a axe wound but you still don’t pass
You’re my step son, bitch you better cut the sass

Why did Just Jared just post my whole ass?
When did Perez go and get a gym pass?
Twiggy in the front but a donk in the back
I’m sipping on a mai tai and a SlimFast
Yeah I hit your dog but I did it in a Lambo
Need a big dude with the guns like Rambo
Me and Sky been selling throat up in the bando
Now Katy hates me cause I fucked on Orlando

Thought I was a twin by the way I blewed up
Nasty bum bitch, you be all chewed up
Have you ever deep throated then threwed up?
Like Ella Mai, bitch I stay booed up
Oh my god January 6th was like so bad
I’m driving drunk but I’m also off 2 tabs
‘Bout to leave the party with the speakers and like 2 dads
If you missed out on smashing me then it’s just too bad

I don’t fight bum bitches wearing Guess jeans
White girl at the party and she’s like “Yas kween”
But we kicked her out, she was playing best fiends
Boy you need a house, before you address me!

Fuckin’ on the beach, call me Ms. Sandy Cheeks
New pill every day, haven’t slept in a week
I just got a pad, so we’re plugging up the leaks!
No Doubt said it best, stupid bitch don’t speak!

Bitch you smell like shit, girl, yeah you’re fucking musty
Widows peak hard front lace so crusty
Brush up on my French cause I think I’m kinda rusty
Je m’appelle Chase, fellas think I’m kinda busty
They smoked me out bitch and now it’s fucking scary
I’m in Silent Hill singing like Mariah Carey
Oops! fuckin’ sharted in the booth!
Like Jodi on the stand, I will never tell the truth
They photoshop my nudes sorta like I’m Charlie Puth
Got his balls in my mitt sorta like I’m Babe Ruth
Tight perky frame with a big fat bubble butt
You bitches mad on the toilet with the bubble guts

Fuck his life up like a sexy terrorist
Got him tied up like Kim in Paris
Mad cause I’m all that you can’t be!
Stop subbing big bitch just add me