The Veils – Time Lyrics

Time Lyrics – The Veils

Time is a devil
Time is a rock
Time is a riddle
None of us can unlock

Time is with the angels
Time is at your feet
Time is a stranger
Nobody cares to meet

Time is a tempest
Tearing you apart
Time has a well known
Distrust of the heart

Now I’m walking my way down Main Street
I’m kicking up my heels in the rain
Well really is it any wonder
I never got to grips with the pain?

Time is a miracle
Time is a birth
Time is a shadow
Swallowing the earth

Time is singing to me sweetly
Time is in our blood
Time is leading me slowly
From everyone I love

Time is murder
Time is inhumane
Time has cruel ways of showing
The tragedies we contain

Time is a beggar
Time is a king
Time knows the answer
Time don’t owe you a thing

Time is the witness
Time is the crime
Time is the story
Time is the rhyme

Time is good intentions
Time is getting nothing done
Time is what you’re left with
When all the rest is gone

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