Truth Club – It’s Time Lyrics

It’s Time Lyrics – Truth Club

I watch this one last busy week crestfall and dissolve
the intentions you set and I will watch it happen again
harsh praise aimed true at this anxious drill
same hairshirt as mine, wearing holes in us
words fail to tame such guilt and pride as they combine

praytell how to voice a need for some space
sunset suppressant through the blinds
in the dark I’m split
in the dark you lay up working the stars backwards

at all loss on most days for simple outcomes, simple outs
in a concave all sightlines are severed
when alone I’m scared I will never find a way to pry
joy from strain, joy is strain, joy is strange
run my mouth enough to know most of what I’m gonna say
needless detente

go in late, it’s a show of faith
always running
but in Yve’s groove
she moves
she dreams up new ways to exhaust herself

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