Vivziepop – Chaz Time Lyrics

Lyrics to Chaz Time by Vivziepop

Moxxie, I see you lookin’ at me, lookin’ at you
Wondering when I’m gonna crack you open like a walnut
And the answer is soon (Walnut)
Now I’m feelin’ what you’re feelin’ and I’m feelin’ that you wanna feel my feelings
And fee- the feel- you feel me? (Sax-o-phone)
Yeah, so let me get a little something off my chest, while I blow a hot emotional load onto yours

Moxxie, feeling foxy
Wanna get a good taste of your faucet
Well, I got two tickets to pleasure land (Oh, baby)
Well come down here and have your way, yeah-yeah (Oh, my girl)
With my sensual body yeah-yeah, yeah (So naughty)

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