Xiu Xiu – Maybae Baeby Lyrics

Maybae Baeby Lyrics – Xiu Xiu

A tarantula crawled under the bed
It seemed unconcerned, I was hiding there too
He never looks under here

The sky is almost magically clear
Fear and darkness?
It doesn’t make sense

If he finds me
And sees the tarantula too
Chuga, chuga, chuga
Will he hesitate?
If you scare him away
I will get a tarantula tattoo
If you need to bite me
I will understand

Here comes my curious finger
Sliding closer across the tile
Chuga, chuga, chuga

I can hear him screaming outside
All the neighbors hate his guts
Do you ever turn into a butterfly or a wasp?
Do you never change?
My finger is getting closer
Am I going to smash you?

Awake unto me!
Arise, arise!
Awake unto me!
Arise, arise!

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