Yot Club & Jordana – Safe House Lyrics

Safe House Lyrics by Yot Club & Jordana

wait now, hold up
i think i’m ‘bout to break down
there’s too much shit that i can put to blame now
feels like i’m running away
yeah yeah, yeah yeah
say now, who’s that?
coming out the gate fast
all black
i’m wearing out the brake pads
yeah, i’d rather we stay
yeah yeah

i can’t tell how i feel today
guess i’ll tell no one
listening what they want me to say
takes out all the fun
dreaming like there might be a day
that’s familiar
did my time i don’t have to stay
and deliver

oh no, i don’t think i want to know
whatever the cost is i’ll pay oh
i don’t think i want to know
whatever the cost is

safe house, so close
not looking for a reach out
hand in
a letter no more word of mouth
write soft write slow
i can feel it
the tension rising to the top
each word to a story that was made up
leaves me with nothing to say
yeah yeah

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