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Over the Moon – Wonderful Lyrics

Wonderful Lyrics – Ken Jeong from Over the Moon (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2020)

Do you ever hug your scales?
Shake your tail and make a light show
A dance of colors and hues

Well, I do
Here, right before your eyes
A bright kaleidoscope surprise!
No moment is the same
And that is wonderful -ul

Do you ever watch the earth?
Lounge around and see it floating
A swirl of white clouds and blue
Well, I do

It changes everyday
It spins and turns and twirls away
It just keeps rollin’ on
And that is wonderful – hey, hey

Look at the world surrounding you
All possibility
Every moment we have is a chance at something n w to glow
To grow

Do you ever feel afraid?
Curl up when you are hurting
And hold your memories tight to you
Yeah, me too

If you release the past
You’ll move ahead and bloom at last
The heart grows and it knows
You can glow
You’re wonderful