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Beyoncé & Kendrick Lamar – AMERICA HAS A PROBLEM (Remix) Lyrics

AMERICA HAS A PROBLEM (Remix) Lyrics -‪ ​​Beyoncé & Kendrick Lamar America, America has a problem Lamar Terror line watcher, pgLang collar, 9-11 slider Look at my garages, synced up Get the genie out the bottle and point it at any model Lamar What, what, what, ayy, what Go Stink, fuck it up, go Stink, fuck it up Go Stink, that’s what’s up, go Stink, I’m in love Hey boo-boo, too much complexity to love me from goo-goo My momma told me that the money outgrew you My horoscope said I’m really out my noodle I’m troublin’, I’m puzzlin’, it’s…

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Kali – Area Codes Lyrics

Area Codes Lyrics – Kali Yeah, yeah Kali You know I love me a mutherfuckin trick Got a white boy on my roster He be feeding me pasta and lobster He just hit me up on Tuesday Like “What you doing bae, let me take you shoppin” (brrr) I told him well I’m a little busy (damn) He said “Damn I’m in your city, (Fuck) But anyway it’s okay, hope you have a good day Imma send you about 850” (ooh) Then I told him “you treat me so well” He said Cashapp or Zelle? (ching) Matter of fact, Scratch…

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Lana Del Rey – Say Yes To Heaven Lyrics

Say Yes To Heaven Lyrics – Lana Del Rey If you dance, I’ll dance And if you don’t, I’ll dance anyway Give peace a chance Let the fear you have fall away I’ve got my eye on you I’ve got my eye on you Say yes to Heaven Say yes to me Say yes to Heaven Say yes to me If you go, I’ll stay You come back, I’ll be right here Like a barge at sea In the storm, I stay clear ‘Cause I’ve got my mind on you I’ve got my mind on you Say yes to Heaven…

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FIFTY FIFTY (피프티피프티) – Cupid (Twin Version) Lyrics

Cupid (Twin Version) Lyrics – FIFTY FIFTY (피프티피프티) La, la, la, la-la-la La, la-la-la, la, la-la-la A hopeless romantic all my life Surrounded by couples all the time I guess I should take it as a sign (Oh why, oh why, oh why, oh why?) I’m feelin’ lonely (Lonely) Oh, I wish I’d find a lover that could hold me (Hold me) Now I’m crying in my room So skeptical of love (Say what you say, but I want it more) But still, I want it more, more, more I gave a second chance to Cupid But now I’m left…

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