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Billie Eilish - My Future Lyrics

Billie Eilish – My Future Lyrics

My Future By Billie Eilish I can’t seem to focus And you don’t seem to notice I’m not here I’m just a mirror You check your complexion To find your […]

Sam Smith - My Oasis Lyrics

Sam Smith – My Oasis Lyrics

My Oasis By Sam Smith (feat. Burna Boy) Keeping thinking that I’m seeing water You’re playing tricks on me in the sun See your shadow in the courtyard Stays until […]

Arizona Zervas - NIGHTRIDER Lyrics

Arizona Zervas – NIGHTRIDER Lyrics

NIGHTRIDER By Arizona Zervas Yeah (Take, take it easy word to 94) Come alive at night time, I think it’s the right time Little bit of Hennessy, mix it with […]

Lil Skies - Lightbeam Lyrics

Lil Skies – Lightbeam Lyrics

Lightbeam By Lil Skies Track: Lightbeam (feat. NoCap) Album: Lightbeam (feat. NoCap) Artist: Lil Skies Released on: 2020-07-23 I just told Richie we rich Yeah, smoking out the pound of […]

Mozzy – Overcame Lyrics

Overcame By Mozzy Mook on the beats Ayy, how I’m ‘posed to tell my youngin go to school When they just caught him at the lightrail, stripped him for his […]

Mozzy – Off the Muscle Lyrics

Off the Muscle By Mozzy G-O-D, nigga, no, we don’t fuck with you bitch-ass niggas Keep your distance, nigga (L-Finguz, L-Finguz) Fifty feet, nigga, gimme fifty feet, nigga On the […]

Mozzy – Body Count Lyrics

Body Count By Mozzy Why would I lie about the body count? If they pull the plug then that body count (They pull the plug, then that body- Yeah) Why […]

BONES – It’sAWonderfulLife Lyrics

It’sAWonderfulLife By BONES I heard you looking for me, yuh Baby I don’t suggest it You do not wanna with Th@ Kid Pick a big contraceptive I do not pick […]

Vybz Kartel – Run Dancehall Lyrics

Run Dancehall By Vybz Kartel Yo J.B Eh di yute dem fi have things? Doh Alright Comet coming soon Well bright, like every pickney weh go Dunoon Cya stall, a […]