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Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons – Machine Lyrics

Machine Lyrics by Imagine Dragons Released : 2018 [Verse 1] All my life been sittin’ at the table Watchin’ them kids, they’re living in a fable Looks, luck, money and […]

Carly Rae Jepsen

Carly Rae Jepsen – Party For One Lyrics

Party For One Lyrics by Carly Rae Jepsen Released : 2018 If you didn’t know that you were right for me Then there’s nothing I can say Try to call […]


Quavo – BUBBLE GUM Lyrics

BUBBLE GUM by Quavo Released : 2018 Buddha Bless this beat Fuck with me and get rich (rich) Popped one off then she fly through the six (six) Keep a […]

Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny – Mia Lyrics

Mia by Bad Bunny Feat. Drake Released: 2018 [Bad Bunny & Drake] Bad Bunny, baby, bebé-bebé Yeh-yeh-yeh-yeh Yeah [Drake & Bad Bunny] Todos están pendiente a ti (woo) Pero tú […]

Zara Larsson

Zara Larsson – Ruin My Life Lyrics

Ruin My Life by Zara Larsson Release Date: October 18, 2018 I miss you pushing me close to the edge I miss you I wish I knew what I had […]

Woman like me Lyrics
Little Mix Lyrics

Little Mix – Woman Like Me Lyrics

Woman Like Me by Little Mix Feat. Nicki Minaj Released : 2018 [Jesy:] I always say what I’m feeling I-I was born without a zip on my mouth Sometimes I […]


Rationale – 73 Lyrics

73 Lyrics Rationale Baby when I’m 73 Will you still want me like you wanted before Memories are slipping on me I know I feel it like I felt it […]



Release Date: December 7, 2018 MONUMENT [TRACKLIST] 01. Orbit 02. Dear Lord 03. Blow Out 04. Royal 05. Das Erste Mal 06. Track 6 07. Gospel 08. Psycho 09. Löwe 10. La Vida Koka 11. Makiaveli 12. Realtalk 13. Continental 14. Donlife 15. Cohiba Symphony […]