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Ashnikko - Daisy Lyrics

Ashnikko – Daisy Lyrics

Daisy By Ashnikko You don’t wanna see me bratty Pet the kitty, call me catty Make your man call me daddy He talk too much, he’s too chatty (Not cool) […]

Becky G - My Man Lyrics

Becky G – My Man Lyrics

My Man By Becky G Letra / Lyrics: My man my man is still my man Don’t get misunderstand Got big rock on my hand Can’t take mine Nah Nah […]

Sarkodie Ft. E-40 - CEO Flow Lyrics

Sarkodie Ft. E-40 – CEO Flow Lyrics

CEO Flow By Sarkodie You know i’m running out of patience Still aa no meetw3n the nigga who go make I panic Cos it feels like a vacation Ma mensendi mo location S3 mo […]

KAROL G - Ay, DiOs Mío! Lyrics

KAROL G – Ay, DiOs Mío! Lyrics

Ay, DiOs Mío! By KAROL G Ovy On The Drums Yo no te estaba buscando, babe Pero cuando coincidimos, bebe Fue una cosa que yo no se Tu fuiste conquistandome […]

Freshtuff – Joker Lyrics

Joker By Freshtuff Clock’s ticking, time is over Before you know you’re older So sober, a loner Bitch, you’re getting mind-controller [2x] You’re crying like it’s rain You’re causing all […]

TeaMarrr – Cool Enough Lyrics

Cool Enough By TeaMarrr Got body, God body Mind, body, can’t stop it, ayy You want it, you got it Drippin’ like water faucet I’d do anything, bend any way […]