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Sasha Sloan - Lie Lyrics

Sasha Sloan – Lie Lyrics

Lie Lyrics By Sasha Sloan Don’t sleep on the couch again, even though you took it for the weekend Kiss me like you wanna stay, even though you’re thinking about […]



PUNANI By 6IX9INE Nasty, nasty, nasty Nasty, nasty, nasty, yeah Shake it, fat punani-nani, fat punani-nani That tsunami-nami, that tsunami-nami Fat punani-nani, fat punani-nani That tsunami-nami, that tsunami-nami (Jah, ayy, […]

D Smoke – Seasons Pass Lyrics

Seasons Pass By D Smoke Life is but a gift, yeah And you got love to give, yeah And you got love to give, yeah And you got love to […]

D Smoke – Fly Lyrics

Fly By D Smoke [D Smoke:] Are we flyin’? Are we lifted? Are we soaring against the wind, are we different? Are we rockin’? Are we rollin’? Are we doin’ […]

D Smoke – Black Habits I Lyrics

Black Habits I By D Smoke Mm, Supa Good Inglewood Purple rain fallin’ down on a prince of the coast where the sun shine All year ’round (Mm) Purple haze […]

D Smoke – Sunkissed Child Lyrics

Sunkissed Child By D Smoke (Just a touch of love, a little bit) Say hello to the Ingle-born spitter (Spitter) Sing along to the (Ayy) tunes out the womb, got […]

D Smoke – Gaspar Yanga Lyrics

Gaspar Yanga By D Smoke Ayo, D Smoke Man, why don’t you represent the ‘Wood one time, could you please? Supa Good Smi-doke D-S-M-O-K-E, bitch, it’s official I got these […]

D Smoke – No Commas Lyrics

No Commas By D Smoke No hay nadie más preparado que el jovencito de Inglewood Supa Good Inglewood I told ’em I’m the one for the job, no commas And […]

D Smoke – Bullies Lyrics

Bullies By D Smoke He a bitch, his bitch a bitch, his mama a bitch And I swear, just let me see this nigga Oh, hold on, and there go […]

D Smoke – Morning Prayer Lyrics

Morning Prayer By D Smoke Give me the backpack Which one? The red one It’s mine No, it’s not Okay, my babies, y’all ready for school? Yes, no Alright, y’all, […]