Angelo De Augustine – The Ballad of Betty and Barney Hill Lyrics

The Ballad of Betty and Barney Hill Lyrics – Angelo De Augustine

In another life
In another place and time
I saw the light follow the hills in its disguise
Then a blinding flash
What did Betty have to say?
Barney, I’ve tried to remember but my mind has slipped away

I’m a renegade who’s been living in a dream
That set the cosmos alight like a flame on gasoline
When we took them both I was anxious at the start
I could feel remorse if not for the poison in my heart

When we both were young and longing to be free
Traveling through the White Mountains to Zeta Reticuli
Ridiculed and scorned on the television news
Like the rubbles in bedrock visited by the Great Gazoo

Don’t make a sound just close your eyes
A voice replied inside his mind
It wanted me but I ran for my life
I just want
I just want to go home

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