BabyTron – Golden Child Lyrics

Golden Child Lyrics – BabyTron


You can get an average view, won’t play the nosebleeds
Or Spike Lee and do the right thing and grab a flow seat
CEO, the GM, you can’t coach me
Every time I’m out I got a pipe like a dope fiend
Tell a bitch my heart don’t work, pass a defibrillator
Whole team move the bag around, we facilitators
Shit, I’m chilly mode like I’m in the refrigerator
You ain’t really plugged, you in the middle like an instigator
Shit, boy, you couldn’t copy this with a printer machine
Feeling like Houdini, make you poof when the trigger release
Throw that Glock away, you don’t look like no killer to me
Throw that Wock’ away, you don’t look like no sipper to me
Pull up in that Phantom, chop singing like the opera
Dude playing two-faced games, he must be from Gotham
Damn near with a thousand shots, you better play it like [?]
Hollows hotter than the sun, give him heat like I’m Dragić

You took an Xbox deal, shit, my life did a 180
Sit back, roll, spark up and let the blunt take me
Yeah, struggle stories but yo baby, he been up lately
(Grab a classic credit, Justin Gaethje, I go punch crazy)
All them PUA ballers? They been out of luck lately
I don’t what’s wrong with me, haven’t gave a fuck lately
Love mixed with the hate, don’t know what’s what lately
Dawg been fouled out, all them times he pump faking
Got chicken, Raising Cane’s
Hell-raiser, flaming eighths
I ain’t have a thang on my plate, now I’m saying grace
I’m forever one up like the ace of spades
Helmut Lang cape, pape’d up, finna save the day
Real life legwork so it’s taking me longer
Smallminded, you would take it, I’m shaking the offer
Trip different nowadays, no, we ain’t taking embossers
Feel like Doctor [?] in the streets done created a monsters

Hop up out that van masked up, stranger danger
Drop it in my pop, put it in my ‘Wood, I’m facing [?]
In the Jeep, it’s yo genes but we both playing Wranglers
Think my 14 tapped, finna go and play the pager
Bamboozled, Lollapalooza, Rolling Loud
All this jewelry looking like an Egyptian, I’m the golden child
Like, shit, that’s how the motor sound
I was him when I was younger, only thing, I’m older now
Shit, he was short, now he six foot
Shit, you know I’m hard to catch like a Bigfoot
Lil’ bro a robber, act good or get yo shit took
Professor trophy, this a Rollie, how yo wrist look?
I can tell you broke, you don’t need a diagnostic
Sick he played with us, we done put him right in Swanson
I can’t even say it, mind ill like I’m Hopsin
Made a eight quadruple, thirty-two, Magic Johnson

ShittyBoyz, Dog $hit Militia

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