BabyTron – Michigan Ave Lyrics

Michigan Ave Lyrics – BabyTron

Shit, I woke up feeling crazy, I’m damn near sick
Still don’t stop the grind
Day four of the calendar
I’m fucking with this bitch, Hokatiwi
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, up before for the birds, I ain’t chirping, you know?
I gotta keep it solid, ShittyBoyz, Dog $hit Militia

It’s gon’ take a lot longer to heal if you picking the scab
Got a play on eastern, told him meet me on Michigan Ave
This some retro red, I’ma nod off of sipping a half
Turkey in the middle of Finkle, tripping, drifting the ‘Cat
Got a whole Kentucky Derby in the whip, hitting the dash
If I try to teach you the game, is you gon’ finish the class?
Opposition, if I see him, I’m whipping his ass
I’m on futuristic time, left that shit in my past
Uh-uh, it’s too late, why you just now tryna zip up yo bag? (Lame)
Wouldn’t even try it, blicky equipped, attached
Feeling chatty, rocking Virgil, wear it with the tags
Would’ve thought the scale up on the trampoline, we flipping bags
I peeped y’all weakness, it ain’t really shit to dribble past
These superchargers, it ain’t really shit to wiggle fast
Gangy rocking out the tour like we Nickelback
Gave bro a penny on that road, he brought a nickle back
Talk a body, up a quarter ticket, someone get a half
I remember shaking in that coat, shit, my lips was chapped (Swear)
Now it cost a thousand just to get a track
I ain’t talking bout no rap, it’s thirty for a verse
Hunnid giffy self-scanning, think I’m worrying the clerk
I’ll shake and bake him, hit from deep, I’m Curry with the work (Three)
Unky told me, all the money, dirty on the first
Smoking without caring, spilling drank, I’m dirtying my shirt
Foggy than a bitch ’cause I done boxed it, blurry in the vert
Half a city, chop just screwed him, took a Perky with his syrup
D$M, make a custom jersey for my hearse
Wake up to some bullshit, you know birds, they early when they chirp
I cannot do the green, words slurry off the purp’ (Nope)
Just know Scrumble, he finna get scurvy if he Smurf
I don’t think you got it in you to reach the finish line
Looking in yo eyes, I can tell you just the finished kind (Finished)
They tally you, we pull through, slide down, finish guys (Finished)
Take yo money back to dukes, you can’t get shit for five

Them lil’ boys is finished
Finishing move
One, two, three
It’s over