BabyTron – Mike Amiri Monster Lyrics

Mike Amiri Monster Lyrics – BabyTron

E-Enrgy made this one
Ha, ha, ha

I know you hear my growlin’, I’m a-
Yeah, I know you hear my growlin’, I’m a Mike Amiri monster
Got it out the mud, the peso dirty, gotta money launder
Bitch was always good for crackin’ jokes, I’m actin’ funny on her
Swervin’ in a ‘vert with Lil Uzi, bitch, my money longer
Pour a quag’ in the glass VOSS, this some muddy water
Boy, fuck that baby Draco, Akhi got a rocket launcher
I could put the whip in space mode, shit, I got a saucer
Spent seven-fifty on Palm Angels, I just copped the joggers
Heard its money out, time to restock in bosses
Flyin’ in the foreign, shootin’ lasers like a fighter pilot
Christian Loubie, red bottoms drippin’ like a fire hydrant
We gon’ pull up splashin’ with them ladders like we fire fightin’
2017, you probably seen me up in Myers, swipin’
Pot dirtier than swamp water, this bitch mutated
Lifestyle four-K, it’s lookin’ like you Blu-Rayin’
Fifth of Game Breaker, take a shot, I bet the hoop breakin’
I can get a thousand pills and ten pints off patients
Shit, I was too patient
Bet not open that oven, dog food bakin’
Alfarma and the Act’ sick, my juice ancient
Every step I take exquisite, I can’t move basic
Twin germs, give his ass two-hundred like a Chug Jug
That’s my la familia, I gotta show the plug love (Brr)
It’s time to grow up and stop reminiscin’ on that one run
Used to look up at the stars, they know I would become one (Brr, ha, ha)
Shit, the more you work (Brr), the more it pays off
In that low-rider, catch a body, than I scrape off (Skrrt)

Never, ever will I fold, even if my clothes wrinkle (Never, ever, never, ever, never, ever, yeah)
Bitch ain’t single, but this kid’ll make a ho mingle
You done made the roster if that throat gon’ make my toes tingle
Car brand new, but how it sound, you think it’s prehistoric
Dawg been snitchin’, at this point, he might be the warden
Slidin’ in the bumblee, the opps gon’ need amn EPIPEN (Brrt, bah, bah)
Lookin’ like a Transformer when that supercharger had me bent
I done fucked around and tore the door down, they ain’t let me in
They’ll try to frame you with some bullshit like you Roger Rabbit
SKS, this bitch kickin’ like a soccer practice
When I let it rip, you think you heard a helicopter landin’
Cutty said he need a glitch if he gon’ do the proper damage
Boy, put that tool down, you are not a killer
Can’t relate, Jewel use his shit like he Bob the Builder
Said that you a fan? Where was you when I was droppin’ Trillers?
I done dropped an ‘Erc in my Wock’, now my pop a blizzard