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BabyTron – Prince of The Mitten 2 Lyrics

Prince of The Mitten 2 Lyrics – BabyTron

Why the fuck is you runnin’? Boy, I’ma hawk you down
Bitch think her baby daddy tough, he gettin’ bossed around
Free unky, caught him with some— hoppin’ off the hound
Smokin’ tiramisu, double C shoes cost a pound
LMAO, LOL, you’re a fucking bot
Bitch, why you pull your panties down? I’m only comin’ top
This some Quagy-agy (Brrt), tongue numb off a couple drops (Brrt)
Leavin’ out your grannies (Brrt), took a credit card and butterscotch

Ride around, two-seater, top and the trunk and the bags in the front where the hood at (Skrrt)
Tryna get high, where the pop, where the Wock’, where the P’s, where the fuck is the ‘Woods at? (Phew)
It’s a kill bun, brodie, he’ll hit somethin’, you don’t wanna make gang go push that (Brrt)
Gotta take a risk, wanna be rich (Brrt, brrt, I took that)

On my mama, on my granny, on my bros, on my tete, need to put your bitch in wide receiver, she get open easy
In the jungle, one of one, so they don’t even know the species
Broke the game at the beginnin’, need a cheat code to beat me, hey

Cartier frames, Dracy’ on my lap
I’ll put this bitch in sports mode and let it— (Bap)
Best believe I’m walkin’ out the function if I smell a rat (Phew)
Best believe they pull up, no discussion if I tell ’em that (Brrt)

(Shit) I’m mad as hell Delta delayed my flight
Generation 5 on my hip, you think I came to fight?
Drink man came without a pipe, I’m finna take his pint
If they knew what’s in the whip, I’d be facin’ life

(Fuck, damn)
Brodie put a— (Shh) on the ARP, it sound crazy
R.I.P. Kobe Bean, see the opps, I’m droppin’ ’bout eighty (Pfft)
Bowls through the mail (Shh), I ain’t ever seen a drought, baby
Two-six-nine on the grind, you in the house daily (Brrt)

If you scared of the streets, stay on the porch, youngin’ (Clean)
I could be a Skywalker, wouldn’t force nothin’ (Jedi)
Heard this Quagy-agy’ ’round, I’m tryna pour somethin’ (Phew)
Stashed a hundred sixty in the dresser, got the drawer jumpin’ (Pfft)

(Brrt) Sorayama did the Bape, it’s from Tokyo
Horses prancin’ all up in the hood, it’s a rodeo (Skrrt)
He be lyin’, I could tell like Pinocchio (Cap)
Dog a phony, bro (Phew)

Had to tell her, “Give me space,” like a terabyte
Had to put the Desert Eagle down, he think I’m scared to fight
I knock him out off the ripe
Really know the plug for real’ll talk him down on the price, shit (Skrrt)
Big body Cullinan, it hit the road and do damage (Skrrt)
Lil’ brodie nicknamed Randy, he a true savage
I bet she tell that I’m a hundred when I’m blue flashin’
I bet the cops can’t keep up when the coupe stabbin’ (Phew)

I knew that lil’ bitch wouldn’t hold me down (Down)
Now she actin’ like a fan, she pullin’ up to blow me down (Down)
Wockiana in my candy apple finna slow me down (Down, phew)
Why he talkin’ ’bout we brothers? I’m a only child (Yeah)
Unless you DSM (Yeah), I only be with them
Every day I leave with ten (Yeah), I done seen a M
Diamond in the rough, but that’s okay, I think they peeped the gem (Phew)
Slidin’ ain’t enough, when Akhi come, he plan on leavin’ them (Phew)

Money tall, eyes low, shit, I’m Yao Mingin’ (Hello)
Six bitches at the loft, I’m whippin’ out penis
Twenty jacks and they all chirpin’, whole house ringin’
Russian creams lookin’ bold, it’s a dark stout season

(Yeah) I know we tried to slide down, this whip a bucket (Phew)
Pull up on her, get the neck, I’m dippin’ like a chicken nugget (Phew)
Fell asleep with money in my hand, I wasn’t finished thumbin’ (Brrt-brrt)
Shooter catchin’ bodies, he’ll meet you at the rim and dunk it (Bap, bap, bap, bap, phew)

I done lost some shit up in the streets
If he runnin’, prove a point, we finna hit him in his feet (Phew)
Every beat I ever rapped on, I done killed ’em, they deceased
Touched my first M, I want ten, I feel ’em in my reach

(Blow) Heart made of chrome, I’m grippin’ on my pole (Chrome)
I’m with steppers, see your steppers get up on they toes
It’s 2022, why he trippin’ ’bout some hoes?
Transformed the coupe, shit, I’m finna get into that mode

Why you on my phone playin’? (What’s the hold up?)
Pull on them boys, like, “What was folks sayin’?” (All that talkin’, nigga)
Really roadrunning, got my lil’ ho waiting (What’s poppin’, baby?)
On my way, ain’t no waitin’, huh

Million-dollar thoughts (Ching), my brain worth a billion
Started in the basement, now I’m out here aimin’ for the ceiling (Phew)
Put a bitch in, press high, then turn the blender on (Ooh-oh)
Summertime baby, but my heart, that shit December cold (Phew)

I beat and came everything
I beat and came exotic, seven hundred fuckin’ dollars on some Mary Jane (Goddamn)
I beat and came, Crocs on
I beat and came online punchin’ everything
I feel like Luke Rock, ho (Luke Rock, ho)

(Why you trippin’ Debo? Shut up punk, ‘fore I knock yo’ ass out)
Choppa with me (Bap-bap)
That balance zero dollars, that is not a gift (Shh)
Had ’em robbers comin’ (Yup), now his pockets empty (Lame)
Got a thing for fast whips, I’m finna drop a Bentley (Skrrt)
Boy, you still got a Chevy (Phew)

If I catch ’em with my slatt, I’ma slime ’em out (Brrt)
For the packs, boy, we gotta tax for the high amount (Brrt)
Habibi firebombed this shit, he got ’em divin’ out (Damn)
You ain’t really ran that road, you gotta drive a route

(It’s so cold out here, it’s thousand-dollar coat season)
Bitch, I’m G.O.A.T.ed (I’m the G.O.A.T.)
Three six of burner’s cookie, bitch, I’m floatin’ (I’m outer space right now)
I can’t help this shit, lil’ bitch, I’m chosen (Chosen)
Hutch chains on, I’m frozen

(Helluva made this beat, baby) Man
It’s been a good ass day, I can’t even lie
Sun out, woke up to a play
Bust a couple more down, man
Shit couldn’t have went no better, I can’t lie
You lookin’ happy

Woke up, put my Crocs on and got to it (Yeah)
Whole time you was sleep, you need to stop droolin’ (Yeah)
Then I hopped up in the coupe, it won’t stop zoomin’
Then I went and did my daily spin, what my opps doin’?
Huh, they ain’t on shit
Now I’m headed to my Akhi, turnin’ phones in (Hrrt)
Bitch callin’ ’bout tonight, just bring some more friends (Mwah)
I’ma send a couple hundred, get your toes did
Nah, I’m playin’, I’ma tell them hoes my phone dead
Shit, I can’t lie, it’s been a good day (Yeah)
Seven in the mornin’, woke up to a good play (Yeah)
I ain’t see a brick, I got it up the juug way
Everything in motion, I ain’t lyin’, this a good day (Yeah)
Today good, I hope tomorrow better (Aware)
This a Hellkitty, Valet, I’ll park wherever (Skrrt)
Before it look like zombie land, you gotta start with testers
Feelin’ cocky off this RP, boy, I’ll spark whoever

Haha, yeah
Five of minutes of straight yep, you know what the fuck goin’ on
ShittyBoyz, Dog Shit Militia
Prince of the fuckin’ Mitten, yeah