Belly – Moment Of Silence Lyrics

Moment Of Silence Lyrics – Belly

They say the first million the hardest to make
I say it’s the hardest to keep
I pop my collar ’cause I am a dog off the leash
My OG a God in these streets
Hey man, I can’t partake in your fraudulent beefs (No)
We know you talk to police
(You talk to police?)
The devil’s a lie
They go against all my beliefs
Hold up

My life did a 180
Ironic, you count it as 360
Took a L when these hoes tried to D list me
Stole my shit when they could’ve just remixed me
(Remixed me?) Remixed me
Hold up
Easily, I got the freakiest frequency
Two different hoes, two different flows at The Regency
Don’t act like you never needed me
Two drops in my water, I fly to Vanalden
I just wanna stack it up
Till I got enough to go disappear on my own private island
You probably think that I’m crazy
You think that Belly is wildin’
I had to give rappers a moment of silence