Big Sean – All I Know Lyrics

All I Know Lyrics – Big Sean

Yeah, Finally Famous gettin’.. yep
Could you tell me where to go? I need direction
Where are we now? Where’s the
Motherfuck my phone, it never has reception
In this cold world, it’s all about collection
So I, I stack paper and keep it ghetto
Oh, cause when you rich you are on top of the world
I made a promise to the mirror
That I’d, never ever ever go broke
Riding through the city, I be riding through the city
All I know is bad bitches, I got Finally Famous with me though
Plenty smoke, plenty rolled

So I’mma drink and smoke and fuck and go-go-go
Like it’s all I know, all I know
Like it’s all I know, all I know
Like it’s all I know, all I know
All I know, all I know-ow-ow
Ow-ow-ow {*8X*}

While I’m flying over literally, flying over cities
Got my carry-on but really wish I had a pound with me though
My watch is thirty thousand dollars, Dolce and Gabana
I done spent so much in Prada, I don’t wanna know
I’m the reason that your bitch is smoking weed now
No blunts, lil’ bro wan’ roll up joints
Seen the how-to video now he on point
And he tryna make it front row to the show to throw me one
If I ever hand you some weed, it’s free, you don’t owe me none
Just put on one of me or Big Sean’s CDs and roll me some
And there’s only one, you know you know
Khalifa got, I stay high like Pluto

Okay, I’m going hard (I’m going hard), I’m going dumb (I’m going dumb)
Going in (I’m going in), ’til I’m going numb (’til I’m going numb)
I got a lot to say, I don’t hold my tongue, I just hold money, don’t hold me up
Rolling in more green than a hole in one; you got more than me? Then shit roll somethin’
See I be off of that tree, people tell me I shouldn’t be
But early on, my mom taught me that everything green is good for me
I wake up to three girls, my role model is Hugh Hef
I gave ya girl a t-shirt since she gave the whole crew neck
I don’t dance, I two step, my weed loud, it suplex
I came up from that basement, man straight up out of that duplex
Bitch, if I ain’t a G, I’m an OG
Two fingers on my joint, one to the policeeeee