Black Soprano Family – Bastard Child Lyrics

Bastard Child Lyrics – Black Soprano Family

Uh, they know, they know
Huh, it’s Heem, nigga
Uh, uh, it’s that East Side Buffalo shit (Haha)
It’s that East Side grimy, nigga
You know where to find me, nigga
Look, uh

I come from bastard business (Bastard child)
Kick it like Master Splinter (They know)
Could’ve got life in prison
From makin’ some bad decisions
Totin’ them guns and dealing
Mama and daddy was missing
Duckin’ them devils and prayin’ to God, he the one grantin’ my wishes
No, they don’t love me for real (They don’t love me), so I been keepin’ my distance (Uh)
Say he gon’ go for the kill, so I just keep me a Smith &
Murder, we take it to trial, my niggas gon’ kill all the witnesses
And we don’t shoot in no crowds (Uh-uh), that’s how the ladies and kids get hit
Don’t want nobody that’s innocent
We hittin’ niggas that’s in this shit
I did a shootin’ right out of the whip soon as I came from the dealership (They know)
Know who the fuck that you dealin’ with
We be the ones who the killers with
Shit that I talk, I live this shit
Either I seen it or did the shit (Dead that, nigga)
Now niggas claimin’ they proud of me (Haha)
That was the same nigga doubted me (Fuck that nigga)
No, I ain’t no killer, don’t push me (They know) or you might bring it up out of me
One of the realest, I gotta be
Feel like the ghost of Prodigy
‘Cause these niggas shook and I’m chasin’ money, I go wherever the profit be (Yeah)
Turn a five to a ten (To a ten), from a twenty to a fifty (To a fifty)
Run that up on a hundred (On a hundred), now a nigga gettin’ filthy (That’s filthy)
All them nights I was broke (I was broke, nigga), shit damn near killed me (Killed me)
I stayed down ten toes (Ten toes), played the hand that they dealt me (Nah)
All these niggas on my phone (Phone), bitches wanna take selfies now
Good dog, no bones, they ain’t even wanna help me out
Street niggas winnin’ Grammys now
We was just wearin’ hand-me-downs
I just wanna feed the family now
Gucci runners and Amiris now
Nigga used to sell cook up (They know)
I done fucked around and pushed up
Now it’s new VVs, Benz 12 V’s, we been on a good run (Yeah)
Call Jake, you wanna book somethin’ (Call Jake, nigga)
Word is that I took somethin’ (What up?)
Street niggas don’t do critics (Fuck that), real niggas in the hood love us (They know)
Treat my homies like blood brothers (On blood)
Got some Crips and some Bloods love us (On blood)
I been out with the guns bustin’ (Brrt)
Since them niggas killed my blood cousin

Thank you, thank you
We’re gonna take a very short intermission now
Huh, gone
And, uh, then we got a whole lot more music to play for you, okay?