Black Soprano Family – Intro Lyrics

Intro Lyrics – Black Soprano Family

Ayo, Free C’s, Free Kutter, Free Hot (Free my niggas)
It’s the motherfuckin’ shepherd himself, nigga, the Flygod (Ah)
The luxurious, nigga, the glamorous (Ah)
Fresh from Paris, nigga (Oui, oui, bonjour, bitch)
Six days, fourteen outfits, nigga
Can’t nobody fuck with me and you know it (Can’t nobody fuck with me, nigga)
East Side, Buffalo shit (Brrt)
Griselda for the motherfuckin’ children, nigga (Brrt)
Peace to all my BSF niggas
Yeah (Woo)
My nigga Dowey back, that nigga Buff home (Woo)
Yeah, maxin’ all you bitch-ass niggas (Maxin’ you bitch-ass niggas)
All my niggas locked up here in this shit right now, this for y’all niggas, man
I do this shit for y’all niggas, man (I do this shit for y’all niggas, man)
This the inspiration
When you come home, you can get ten cars too, nigga (Yep)
You can fuck whatever bitch you want too, nigga (Yep)
You ever had motherfuckin’ peanut butter Captain Crunch with motherfuckin’ rosé before?
I ain’t think so (Ah)
Y’all niggas still ain’t caught up (Still ain’t fuckin’ caught up)
I took three months off, felt like two years, and y’all niggas still ain’t catch up
So from now on, I’m on y’all motherfuckin’ necks, nigga, I ain’t lettin’ up
Y’all done fucked up
The motherfuckin’ god, nigga (Ah)

Uh, the crack olympics ain’t a new sport
We in competition like Marlboro is with Newport
Roll a Tesla window down and let the SIG spray (Uh)
Uh, death to the opps, long live Shay
Too short to play ball, I whipped Andre’s best
And still ended up richer than Delonte West
Uh, seperate apartments just in case they raid us
The brown and yellow live across the hall like Shanaynay neighbors
Road trip with a thick driver
If she unpoof the pack and her pussy stink, then the bitch fired
They just freed Mizzy off that fed stretch
Even I’m surprised that we ain’t dead yet (Facts)
Just know before you try me
I’m only givin’ headshots like a fat bitch on IG (Haha)
Uh, then he noticed me on my second rhyme
Now I’ma get that nigga rich for the second time (Base)