Black Soprano Family – Mustachios Lyrics

Mustachios Lyrics – Black Soprano Family

Let’s get it

Ayy, hear me, these niggas sick I came Stanley Steemer
Beamer, Benz, or Bentley, boomerangin’ on my [?][0:15]
All them glass slippers and pumpkins not no fairy tale
Put the blues on the iron maiden, that’s a carousel
I’m Jay Jerkins with the morphine since Sam Perkins
For the fourteen, finger rollin’, I think I’m Iceman Gervin
Blunt in my left, steering wheel in my right hand, swervin’
Three thousand pills in a light tan ‘Burban
Off of I-10 merging to my Turkish plug with Durk and cuz
Burnin’ crud, these niggas lie more than a Persian rug
I’m in the woo where uncle woadie touchin’ big baggies
[?][0:48] on the IQ, it’s like the Mix Factory
Ever since the death of Daphne, I been livin’ dastardly
Poured the drank so thick, my cup look like I’m sippin’ daiquiris
While all these niggas rappin’ me, it ain’t no cappin’ me
It’s mafia, what else? You already know where we at with me, let’s get it (Uh, uh)

Just got a chopper with the dirty wood
My name good, I’m from a dirty hood
Fuck with Crips, but no Bloods bigger than Suge
Heard him talkin’, I wish he would
First he say it to my back, then he give me dap and show me love
I’m quarterbackin’, throwin’ slugs
Break a quarter down in crumbs, hit the block, and run it up a dub
Got dead homies, many hold a grudge
I need revenge in blood, I’m thinkin’ ’bout it, slippin’ on my gloves
When I die, tell ’em give me doves
And take me through the slums, point ’em in the sky, empty out the guns
Smokin’ stinky, fuckin’ up my lungs
We dress up like bums, use sneaker boxes like they trust funds
They turned on me, I trust none
Dumpin’ ashes off the blunt as I’m plottin’ on my next run
Could hit the plug, tell him, “Send a ton”
But fuck that, I’m done (Uh)
I’m tryna stash a milli’ for my son

I make that coke walk on water like Jesus’ legs (Uh-huh)
Raided the ‘rib twice, I beat the feds (I beat ’em)
My three-five the size of Easter eggs (That’s a fact)
They say that life’s a gamble, but I keep some spread (Keep it)
I call your shorty if I need some head (Hahaha)
And I could tell you how her mind work (Tell you)
But you can ask the fiends and they gon’ tell you how my dimes work (Uh-huh)
You bums can’t even find work (Fuck out of here)
But I’m hirin’
Disrespect, then they firin’ (Brrt)
On the block like I’m Burnham, I’m shootin’ until I’m tired
I’m the God, nigga (I’m the God)
Service is where I learned how to swipe the card, nigga (What up?)
You know who we are, nigga (Uh-huh)
Biceps is swole from shootin’ diddy in they arm
My dope a nine, this shit the bomb (Uh-huh)
I be feelin’ like Saddam, nigga (That’s a fact, nigga)
Look, a whole war ’cause you ain’t cook it to the oils (Fuck)
So I gots to have them hitters lookin’ for you (Brrt)
You wrap it in that plastic, have niggas distribute for you (Uh-huh)
And you’s a bitch, I tell ’em push up on you (Get him, nigga)